Choosing the Right Rims

Selecting the right rims for your vehicle is an important decision for any car enthusiast. When deciding and selecting the right rims for your vehicle, one must fully understand what the parts of the wheel are and how to match rims to your tires.

First and foremost know your parts! The wheel refers to the entire rotating disc moving your vehicle. Wheels and rims can be made as one unit or they can be assembled later on as multiple pieces. Parts of the one-unit wheel include spokes, lug holes and a rim lip. A rim is the outer edge of a car wheel that holds the tire firmly in place, so the tire can rotate in conjunction with the rest of the wheel. Rims can be comprised of different designs, widths and materials to optimize your vehicle’s riding experience.

Second and probably the most important is sizing and material. Don’t go overboard on the size; choose modestly. Larger rims sure can look attractive but consider the overall performance of your vehicle. You want to get the best out of your vehicle not take away from it. Take proper measurements of your wheels if you are not confident than seek a professional to help.

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